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Founded and Managed by
Ryan Sambataro & Robert R. Morin Jr. 
Image by Matt Popovich

[State of New Hampshire Licensed and Bonded, Private Investigators/Retired Law Enforcement Detectives]

 We are a full service private investigative firm to serve all of your investigative needs whether it be for personal, corporate or criminal investigative needs. The two founders of this firm have more than 40 years of combined investigative experience in a plethora of areas. Additionally, we have a proven track record for developing and investigating top quality, high profile cases and providing the best quality protection services. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality services with the utmost level of professionalism, discretion and integrity. Additionally, we only hire the most experienced investigators and pledge to provide each customer with the attention and dedication that they deserve. 

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Maverick Investigative Services LLC, was founded by two retired law enforcement officers that have extensive experience in investigating high profile cases in a range of areas. After a short amount of time in retirement, both of us still had the itch to continue our passion of investigating cases and helping people. We thought, what better way to fulfill this passion than to create a private investigation firm where we can dedicate our extensive experience and training to helping others in need in the private sector? There is no greater feeling than that which is felt by helping someone in need. One of our founding members is a retired deputy chief and the other a retired, highly decorated, detective who has investigated all sorts of cases to include; sexual assaults, juvenile cases, homicides, child pornography cases, electronic crimes, fraud cases, burglary, and narcotics. We have members of our team who are certified "Digital Evidence Investigators," and "Electronic Forensics Examiners," drug recognition experts, experts in surveillance operations and much more! It is our goal to use our team of expert investigators to assist our clients with whatever needs they have. 


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—Attorney Brodie

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—Tonya P.

“Great Service,

Super responsive,

easy to work with,

got the job done fast”

“The best phone call

I’ve made in

quite some time…”

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