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Privacy Statement

Maverick Investigative Services is committed to ensuring our web page viewers and clients privacy, especially given the sensitive nature our business engages in.


Please read the following privacy disclaimers carefully:

1. Third Parties:

Maverick Investigative Services website does not share or sell any information collected from website viewers and/or clients for any reason to include advertising, profitability, or any other reasons. Maverick Investigative Services ensures complete confidentiality of any information provided to Maverick Investigative Services and its representatives, as required by applicable state and federal law. 

2. Controlling Your Personal Data:

Maverick Investigative Services and/or its representatives do not collect information from website visitors. We do collect limited contact information from those visitors that request an in-person or virtual consultation, but is limited to name, email address, and contact phone number. Said information is not shared, disseminated, or otherwise given to any other business, third party vendor, or person(s) for any reason. If a website visitor retains Maverick Investigative Services to engage in investigative services, more detailed information is obtained and retained in our cloud based, case management system, which has extensive cyber security measures implemented by our case management system vendor. Once this information is obtained, Maverick Investigative Services does not share, disseminate, or sell said information and any case related reports, information, details or any other type of case related information is only shared with the commissioning client. 

3. Information Retention Policy:

With regards to website visitors, Maverick Investigative Services does not retain any information. With regards to our retained clients, all reports, correspondence, and case related information is retained in our case management system for a period of seven years at which point, said information is securely destroyed from the said case management system. 

4. Modifications to This Privacy Policy:

Maverick Investigative Services reserves the right to modify the above referenced privacy policy when necessary. All clients will be notified via email should changes be made. Any changes to the privacy policy would only be to better protect our website patron and clients privacy. This policy is reviewed on an annual basis. 

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